Rosh Chodesh

Eternal One-ness, 
Living outside of time
Blessed HaMavdil,
The One Who Divides:

We live our lives in discrete increments

And we imagine that long ago
We might have been afraid
When the moon disappeared.
It was so dark at night
Like the end of the world.
We howled at the empty sky
And then, like a miracle,
A sliver appeared:
We give thanks for the returning moon.

Did you know that in the fifites
The United States Goverment
Considered blowing up the moon
Right out of the sky
Just to freak out the Russians?
But smart people decided it was too dangerous
And the moon was saved:
We give thanks for the sane and the rational.

Over the centuries

We have noticed
The tides of the ocean both high and low,
The seasons of the year that are hot then cold,
The fertility of the earth that flows and rests,
The faces of the moon that wax and wane. 
Whatever arrives, leaves,
Whatever is gone, returns:
We give thanks for the regularity of nature.

Blessed One-ness 
Outside of Time, Eternal.
Blessed HaMavdil
Dividing time into years and months and days
And sharing the skies with us.
For that and so much more, we give thanks.

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