Amidah Meditation

A guided meditation that takes you through the essential points of a weekday Amidah.

You may stand through this, or sit and imagine yourself standing.
Close your eyes.
Open your heart
To praise, hope and gratitude.

Imagine you are standing in front of an ark, praying.

You take one step back, and you pray with your parents at your side.

Step back again, and you pray with your Grandparents.

Step back again, and your pray with all the Jews who came before you, your great-grandparents, the immigrants, the Jews of Europe, Spain, Morocco, Egypt, the Jews in Babylon and Palestine, the Jews of Eretz Yisrael, of Sinai, of Canaan…

Can you see their faces?  Are they praying with you?  If they pray with you, then step forward and they will come with you.  

If they are not praying with you, step forward anyway.

You are now with your grandparents.  Are they praying with you?  If they are, step forward and take them with you as you move up to your parents.

If your grandparents are not praying with you, step forward anyway.

You are now with your parents.  Are they praying with you?  If they are, include them as you see yourself bow down with the burden and pleasures of your history and their history as you begin this Amidah.

If your parents are not praying with you, pray anyway.
Rambam says,
If you can’t imagine God then you don’t exist.
Imagine God.

Quckly, what are all the names and metaphors you know for God?  

What was the first one that came to you?

4. What do you want God to help you understand?
5. You are so sorry.  You know what you did. 
6. Ask for forgiveness.  You know what you need to do.

7. You are forgiven.  
8 Imagine one part of your body that feels pain. Imagine all this pain gone, healed and made whole.   Imagine the pain of the world. 

9. Pray for the Earth, our home, and all that it gives us.
10.  May the homeless be housed.  May the hungry be fed. May the exiled go home.
11.  May all judges rule with kindness and compassion.  May we always refuse to participate in wrongdoing.

12.  Do you have any enemies?  Imagine a place where they are your friends.
13. We ask for the gift of mindfulness.  Whatever you are feeling right now, note it and let it go and go back to your breath.  
14. Let us think of Israel as the best version of itself that you can imagine.
15.  Isn’t it wonderful to be who and what you are?  Isn’t it just amazingly wonderful?
16.  Think about your prayers, your holy conversation, your kadosh kesher.  Ask to be heard.  

You are heard.
17.  Ask for opportunities to serve others with your gifts.
18. Give thanks for this beautiful and complicated world and this gift of life that was given to you.

19.  Shalom.  Salaam.  Peace.

May the words of our mouths and the thoughts of our hearts become joyful truth.
May the good things we pray for happen and, if not, 
May we never forget to hope. 

And when you are ready, 
open your eyes.
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