Found: A Kavannah for a Wedding Anniversary

The hatov vehamaytiv is the fourth benediction in the Birkat HaMazon, the blessing after the meal, and  is also recited upon, among other reasons, hearing good news concerning others and for the drinking of a second cup of very good wine.

This moment is good
For all of us
And we are here today
To celebrate a particular piece of goodness:
__ years ago,  _____________ and _____________ got married.
They found each other.
And they found us.
God is good and good things happen.

We give thanks for this anniversary,
___ years of love, art, spirituality, fun, spirituality, music and community that exists because they are together.
___ years of making community with all the friends and family and colleagues who love and need them.
God is good and good things happen.

May their next ____ years be like a second cup of wine.
Even better than the first one, which maybe you drank too fast?
This second cup has all the familiar and comfortable flavors,
But having breathed a little
It offers up so much more nuance and pleasure
Than that first cup ever could.
God is good and good things happen.

Close your eyes.
Think of all the good things and people that surround you.
Wherever they are, have been or will be.
Now open your eyes.
And look around, here we are!
Right now,
This is the moment.   Here.
We are safe
We have been found.
We are home.
God is good and makes good things happen.
Baruch Atah Adonai Eloheinu Melech Ha-olam, Ha-tov V’hameitiv.
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