There Is No Other: An Aleinu

© 2015 Patricia Arlin


It is upon us to repair the broken places.

It is upon us to comfort the sick in body and heart.
It is upon us to bring joy to those around us.
It is upon us to face the truth no matter how difficult.
It is upon us to see that justice is complex and not always easy.
It is upon us to know when we have choices, and to make them.
It is upon us to understand that our prayers are holy conversations.
It is upon us to be mindful and to take our spirituality seriously.
It is upon us to hold more than one idea of God in our heads at any given time.
It is upon us to enjoy our bodies without shame.
It is upon us to listen when others say no, and when they say yes.
It is upon us to have fun and to spread it around.
וַאֲנַחְנוּ כֹּרעִים

We bend our knees to acknowledge how small we are in the face of all this responsibility.

We bend our knees to warm up for all the hard work.
We bend our knees to dance.
אֵין עוֹד

We are all one in the One-ness, there is no other.

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