For Mommy, On The Anniversary Of Her Death

I was far away for the summer when I was 16

When I found out about women’s liberation from my first boyfriend, 
a 19 year old Marxist,

The moment I saw my first feminist flyer,  
I thought, 
This is for me. 

The second thing was, 
I can’t wait to tell my mother! 
This is going to change her life! 

She hates her marriage
She hates cooking and cleaning
She hates her children, sometimes.

Now she can be free! 

But she died about a week later, 
while I was still away,
long before email and texting and Skype.
So I never told her about my discovery. 

I always thought that if she’d just lived until I got home 
Feminism would have saved her. 

Mommy —   I thought there was going to be a woman president.
Not yet.

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