Four Days: a drash for Parshat Bo

In a small village of destitute slaves
Watched over by nasty Egyptians
The kind who worship animals,
Like lambs,
And who will kill you if they find you with one of their sacred beasts.
And Moses says,
“You shall take a lamb to a family”
“You shall keep watch over it until the fourteenth day of this month.”
Easy for him to say.
You ever keep a lamb?  
‘Specially a lamb without its mama?
You know what lambs do when they’re looking for their mamas?
So four days,
Four days with this lonely lamb
Waiting for the Egyptian soldiers to come crashing in
And if they do
It ain’t the lamb they’re gonna slaughter for breakfast.
In a large gathering of destitute slaves
Oppressed by nasty Egyptians,
The kind who take pleasure in causing pain
To innocent slaves
Like you and me,
And said Egyptians only want an excuse to hurt you
And Moses says,
Use these four days
To prove your commitment!
If you can live through this tension
You can live through anything.
Trust in God
Trust in goodness
Trust in the future
And you will be protected
And you will be free.
Long story short,
We waited four days.
Lemme tell you
It was very stressful.
Four days felt like four years.
It took ten years off my life, easy.

But the time finally passed
And we killed that monster
And we ate him up,
Every baa and bleat of him.
He was delicious.
And we put his blood on the wall
And the Angel of Death passed over.

You know the rest.
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