Maariv / Evening Prayer

Baruch Kodesh Hu
Blessed Holy One-ness,

tiktok takipçi satın al

We give thanks for the Dusk
And the setting sun
Which brings on our maariv prayers.
May they be delightful and full of meaning.

We give thanks for the Evening 
That sends us home,
 Our place of safety in the darkness.
May it be welcoming and a place of love.

We give thanks for the Night
That watches as we sleep,
Making room for our dreams.
May they be vivid and oozing with insight.

We give thanks for this Revolving World,
Turning day into night and night into day,
Giving us so much to imagine and so much to see.
May we enjoy both the patterns and the changes.

Baruch Atah Adonai HaMaariv V’aravim.
It is so beautiful.


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