Instead Of: A Prayer for Peace

Blessed Yah, Creator, Created, Creating… We pray for peace, For ourselves and the world, Even if only for one day: Instead of anger, we choose kindness. Instead of revenge, we choose justice. Instead of resentment, we choose empathy. Instead of work, we choose rest. Instead of ideology, we choose compromise. Instead of destruction, we choose […]

Rest and Comfort: Kabbalat Shabbat

On a crisp Fall day, the sky was blue. Two airplanes sliced our world in half And everything changed. On a late spring Monday, it was a happy Boston afternoon. A bomb went off in a crowd And everything changed. On a hot June day, it was a peaceful Jerusalem Teenage boys were murdered And […]


I speak praise, hope and thanks. I open my mouth, I open my heart. I feel the Ancient Prayer: 1.  AVOT VE’IMOT – PRAISE OUR ANCESTORS Bless our inventive ancestors, Who have given us the God of the Torah and the God of the Talmud,the God of our immigrant grandparents and the God of our children,the […]

Miketz, a drash

Pharaoh dreams of seven handsome fat cows being eaten by seven ugly, skinny cows.  Pharaoh dreams of seven solid healthy ears of wheat on a single stalk, being followed by seven thin sickly ears on a stalk scorched by the east wind.  He is a hereditary monarch, and therefore not very bright, so he calls […]

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