The Culmination: Malkhut of Malkhut Day 49

We count the Omer for seven weeks, 49 days:The loving kindness and benevolence of Hesed;The strength and holy limitations of Gevurah;The spiritual balance and beauty of Tiferet;The eternal endurance of Netzach;The prayer and intellectualism of Hod;The gateway of Yesod, collecting all of these sefirot and transmitting them toMalkhut, the end of the chain, our human world. Malkhut of Malkhut – It is the culmination.This […]

The Love of Foundation

Barukh Kadosh Hu, Blessed One-ness, On this Day 36 of the Omer,  Hesed of Yesod, Love of Foundation, Compassion for the Underpinnings, I love Structure. Yesod is life, it is everywhere. It is Ritual, the points along the journey, The beginning and the middle and the end, The liminal gateway, The container, The funnel, The candle lighting […]

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