Leaving and Returning: A Drash for Tazria-Metzora

© Trisha ArlinThis week we are reading a double portion, Tazria Metzora.  Both of these parshiot are primarily concerned with a kind of uncleaness, a lack of purity, that manifests itself as skin disease.    This disease has been incorrectly called leprosy,  but it’s actually rather mysterious, especially since it can also attack clothes and buildings.   The source of the […]

The Hillel Sandwich: The Food That Holds A Grudge

© Trisha Arlin You may wish to dispute this,But I thinkThat without disputation, there is no Judaism. Without both the bitter and the sweet, Without both the strict and the kind, Without both obligation and flexibility, We simply cannot exist. So tonight We eat the Hillel Sandwich,That argumentative amuse bouche, Made of Bitter-juicy horseradishand Brick-sweet charosetand […]

Each Loss Breaks a Pattern: A Shiva Prayer

© Trisha Arlin Baruch Atah Adonai Ruach Ha Olam Blessed One-ness, Breath of the Universe Breathing us in Breathing us out. Each loss breaks a pattern. We remember and we pray. We remember our loved one, _____________(name) Beloved _______________(relationship) Each loss breaks a pattern,And we remember them. We remember them Because they gave us to ourselves, […]

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