Each Loss Breaks a Pattern: A Shiva Prayer

© Trisha Arlin

Baruch Atah Adonai

Ruach Ha Olam
Blessed One-ness, Breath of the Universe
Breathing us in 
Breathing us out.

Each loss breaks a pattern.
We remember and we pray.

We remember our loved one, _____________(name)
Beloved _______________(relationship)

Each loss breaks a pattern,

And we remember them.

We remember them
Because they gave us to ourselves,

We remember them
Because we loved each other,

And we remember
Because, well,
That is our job.

Every loss breaks a pattern,
And we pray.

We pray and place ourselves in front of the fear,
We place ourselves in front of the anger,
We place ourselves in front of the grief,

We pray and delight in our memories
We pray and listen for music that reminds us there will be joy again.
We pray for the long repair that happens after the patterns break.

And we give thanks for the ancient traditions, 
Telling the story even when we can’t. 
Hallelu Yah, breathing in,
Remembering us when we cannot.

Hallelu Yah, breathing out,
Praying with us when we feel alone.


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