A Prayer for Praying Before Blowing The Shofar

This was written as a kavanah For the Women of the Wall on Rosh Hashana 5774 From Rabbi Arthur Waskow:  ‘There are three notes on the shofar-  Tekiah, “Awake!”,  Teruah ,”Open your heart!”,  Shevarim, “Sob with all who suffer!”       Let us blow the shofar So that everyone can hear: Awake! Open Your Heart! Sob with all who suffer! We pray for all […]

New Moon in January: Rosh Chodesh Shevat

Eternal One-ness,  Living outside of time Blessed HaMavdil, The One Who Divides: We imagine that long ago We might have been afraid When the moon disappeared. It was so dark at night Like the end of the world. We howled at the empty sky And then, like a miracle, A sliver appeared. The moon, it’s […]

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