One: A Kavannah for the Sh’ma

© Trisha Arlin Listen, there is the One-ness: The jealous and loving God of the Torah; The hidden God of the Holy of Holies; And the clever God of the Talmud; And the Kingly God of our Siddur. To this God we will make our offerings. The Unknowable God of the mystics; And the rational […]

Sacrifices and Offerings – Musaf Amidah: An Additional Prayer

© Trisha Arlin The sun is high in the sky, See the awesome beauty of Creation, Breathe in the glory of the One-ness! Let us assemble to daven the additional prayer! Blessed Oneness I propose these independent words As a substitute For the sacrifices in another place, For the sacrifices of another time. May this […]

This Is The Ritual, Hanukkah version

© Trisha Arlin This is the Ritual:  Bowing during the morning blessings.I used to refuse to bend my kneeand bowduring the Morning Blessings.Baruch Atah EtceteraThank you for Etecetera….Who was I bowing to?A male king?That’s not God.Screw that.But then I thought,What if I bowed anyway?What would that feel like?So I tried it for a month.As an […]

Monsters: A Family Service Drash on Vayishlah

© Trisha Arlin This torah portion is another one of those that has more than one story in it, but I’m going to talk to you about the story of Jacob, returning back to the land he grew up in.  Jacob had had to run away after he tricked his father into giving his the […]

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