One: A Kavannah for the Sh’ma

© Trisha Arlin

Listen, there is the One-ness:

The jealous and loving God of the Torah;
The hidden God of the Holy of Holies;
And the clever God of the Talmud;
And the Kingly God of our Siddur.
To this God we will make our offerings.
The Unknowable God of the mystics;
And the rational God of the philosophers;
The haimish God of our grandparents.
To this God we will pray.
The Daddy God of our childhood faith;
And the nonexistent God of our young skepticism;
And now the complicated doubt-filled God-ness of our adult searching.
With  this God, we will have a conversation.
God, the Everything;
God, the Everywhere;
God, the No-thing.
With this God, we will breathe.
God the transcendant;
God the immanent;
God the Is, the Was, the Will Be.
With this God, we are.
We will offer
We will pray
We will talk
We will breathe—
However we approach God,
And even if we don’t,

We are one in the One-ness.

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