Torah Covers That Go Wow: Changing the Torah Covers on Erev Rosh Hashanah

On Rosh Hashanah It’s time, Among much else, To change the covers on our torahs from the everyday colors to white. I google Torah covers, Hoping for some jewish knowledge to inspire deep thoughts And at the top of the list there is an ad, An ad for a company that makes custom torah covers. […]

A Blessing For A Community Celebrating Its Past And Looking Towards the Future

–> Baruch atah Adonai, Brucha At Shechinah, HaKodesh Baruch Hu, We honor this entire community, together with all holy communities: All of us, And our loved ones. Bless the ones who began us. Bless the ones who teach and the ones who learn. Bless the ones who pray and create our sacred spaces. Bless the […]

BEHOLD, WHERE ARE YOU, HERE I AM: A Rosh Hashanah Invocation

© 2015 Trisha Arlin I.  HINEI, BEHOLD OUR DREAMS In the Talmud, Rebbe Hannina says,  Human versions of God’s vast intent are as unripened fruit,Filled with potential,Perceived completely only by God.Hanina says that the unripened fruit of prophecy is a dream.Which is kind of cool.So I speculate,The unripened fruit of truth is the story. While we […]

Purim Megillah, Chapter 5

  Now it came to pass on the third day Esther got all dolled up Dressed like a queen All for the king. And she waited in the courtyard To attact the king’s attention Knowing she is beautiful Because everyone tells her so. They tell her that’s where her power lies But she knows better. […]

An Interesting Experiment

In a previous drash on Chukkat, I noted the three rituals performed in the parsha:  1) the sacrifice of the Red Heifer, 2) purification of those who have touched the dead, and, after Miriam’s death, 3) the banging on the rock to produce water.  The first two rituals are prefaced by the phrase, “This is the […]

Miketz, a drash

Pharaoh dreams of seven handsome fat cows being eaten by seven ugly, skinny cows.  Pharaoh dreams of seven solid healthy ears of wheat on a single stalk, being followed by seven thin sickly ears on a stalk scorched by the east wind.  He is a hereditary monarch, and therefore not very bright, so he calls […]

A Verb Is A Noun: A Psalm

(inspired by Arthur Green, SEEK MY FACE) Maybe God is a gerund, a verb ending in ‘ing‘,  a verb that has become a noun. Always doing, always being.   And Being. Never starting, never ending.   But real and solid,  a thing made of action. Selah:  Pause and think. I want always to be in the […]

God’s Back: A Drash for Sukkot

Exod 33:12-34:26 This is one of those holiday Shabbats when a special Torah portion is read.  In ancient times, Succot was THE holiday, of all the festivals this was the most important one.  And if that is so, then one must wonder why, out of the entire chumash, this passage was chosen.  It’s from Exodus, after Moses […]

Motzi: A Chain Of Work*

Blessed HaMavdeel, the Divider of Time:For separating the whole into increments that we may comprehend it, we are thankful. Blessed Adonai Echad, the Uniter Of All Existence:For connecting us that we may be one, we are thankful. Blessed Ain Sof, That Which Cannot Be Known:For providing us with so many interesting questions, we are thankful. […]

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