Purim Megillah, Chapter 5

Now it came to pass on the third day
Esther got all dolled up
Dressed like a queen
All for the king.
And she waited in the courtyard
To attact the king’s attention
Knowing she is beautiful
Because everyone tells her so.
They tell her that’s where her power lies
But she knows better.
Because Esther is used to being looked at
She knows what it’s worth
That is, she knows about the people who only look
But cannot see.
But she looks at them, too.
And she can see.
They can look and look and never see the truth
The power that she has
That she has to have
When you have no power.
So she waits in the courtyard
Because if the king lets her touch his golden scepter
(Insert double entendre here),
She lives.
But if he is offended
That she came to him without permission
She dies.
But here she is
She has to be
Because Esther sees what the king is doing.
Now it came to pass
That Esther is beautiful
And so she found favor in the king’s eyes
So she invites him to a party
And Haman, too.
Especially Haman,
Only Haman.
And Haman gets all puffed up
Full of his glory
He can only see himself
The Great Man
Going to the queens banquet
And he walks past Mordechai
At the King’s Gate
And Mordechai looks at Haman
And thinks to himself,
What an asshole
So Mordechai refuses to stand up
Because Mordechai sees what Haman is doing.
And it came to pass
That this really freaks out Haman
Haman sees himself through Mordechai’s eyes
And everything crumbles
Classic narcissism
On one hand
Oh the glory and the money
Haman the Big Man
The king’s right hand
Invited to the Queen’s banquet
And on the other hand
Mordechai, that Jew, said,
It kills Haman inside
Getting dissed by Mordechai
And he goes home to complain to Zeresh, his wife.
How, Haman asks,
Can I have a good time knowing Mordechai doesn’t respect me?
So Zeresh the loyal wife says,
Look, Haman, love of my life,
don’t let the Jew ruin your fun,
The solution is simple!
Build a gallows
50 Cubits high
And in the morning
Tell the king to hang Mordechai from it
Until he’s dead.
Then party with a happy heart!
So Haman builds the gallows
Oy, he’s in such a good mood
But as we all know
God sees what Haman is doing.

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