PLACE YOURSELF:  WORDS OF PRAYER AND INTENTION BY TRISHA ARLIN ART BY MIKE COCKRILL FOREWORD BY RABBI JILL HAMMER NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDERSPublished by Dimus Parrhesia Press Hardbound, Color inside  $36.00 plus $4.00 s/h Paperback, B/W inside, $18.00 plus $4.00 s/h “Place yourself in front of the fear.  You will be judged, you will die. […]

Blessing After Eating the Seder Meal

All who sit around this table: Friends and Strangers, Those who remember and those who are remembered On this Pesakh, Who have shared such a fine meal And such a fine story, We take this moment to acknowledge How blessed we are And in our turn, we bless: Blessed be the eaters and the eaten, […]


I speak praise, hope and thanks. I open my mouth, I open my heart. I feel the Ancient Prayer: 1.  AVOT VE’IMOT – PRAISE OUR ANCESTORS Bless our inventive ancestors, Who have given us the God of the Torah and the God of the Talmud,the God of our immigrant grandparents and the God of our children,the […]

An Interesting Experiment

In a previous drash on Chukkat, I noted the three rituals performed in the parsha:  1) the sacrifice of the Red Heifer, 2) purification of those who have touched the dead, and, after Miriam’s death, 3) the banging on the rock to produce water.  The first two rituals are prefaced by the phrase, “This is the […]

Four Children, Five Rabbis

Okay, so Four Children sitting around a table, talking At a seder And they have to ask, Why is this night different from all other nights? Why on this night do we ask so many questions? And who gets to answer? And who must  listen? The first child, Book smart. The wise child Knows all the […]

A Verb Is A Noun: A Psalm

(inspired by Arthur Green, SEEK MY FACE)MaybeGod is a gerund, a verb ending in ‘ing‘, a verb that has become a noun.Always doing, always being.  And Being.Never starting, never ending.  But real and solid, a thing made of action.Selah:  Pause and think. I want always to be in the image of that Noun, A believer and doer and caretaker,As […]

God’s Back: A Drash for Sukkot

Exod 33:12-34:26 This is one of those holiday Shabbats when a special Torah portion is read.  In ancient times, Succot was THE holiday, of all the festivals this was the most important one.  And if that is so, then one must wonder why, out of the entire chumash, this passage was chosen.  It’s from Exodus, after Moses […]

A Prayer for The Hurricane

Ancient God of the Sumerians, Hittites, Babylonians and Hebrews,God of Noah and all who came after,We can, if we survive, imagine being philosophically gratefulFor this hurricane. After all,It reminds us that there are forces much bigger than ourselvesAnd puts our lives in perspectiveWhich is always a good thing.But please,Just remember this:You promised, no more floods.I’m […]

The Summer Solstice: The Earth Prays

Once a year it’s the Summer Solstice,Tekufat Tamuz, And that is when the Earth prays. The Earth tilts toward the sun and bends its planetary knees, Shukling towards the its own Ner Tamid, eternal light,And says a brucha: The earth prays A prayer of remembrance of its molten youth and the winter cold, And a […]

Motzi: A Chain Of Work*

Blessed HaMavdeel, the Divider of Time:For separating the whole into increments that we may comprehend it, we are thankful. Blessed Adonai Echad, the Uniter Of All Existence:For connecting us that we may be one, we are thankful. Blessed Ain Sof, That Which Cannot Be Known:For providing us with so many interesting questions, we are thankful. […]

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