A Verb Is A Noun: A Psalm

(inspired by Arthur Green, SEEK MY FACE)

God is a gerund, a verb ending in ‘ing‘, 
a verb that has become a noun.
Always doing, always being.  
And Being.
Never starting, never ending.  
But real and solid, 
a thing made of action.

Selah:  Pause and think.
I want always to be in the image of that Noun, 
A believer and doer and caretaker,
As my true self
In prayer and social action and conscious living,
I want to be in full connection with that Verb, 
Believing and doing and caring, 
In the truth, whether I call it God or not,
And regardless of the payoff.   
I want that Gerund, the noun that is a verb.

Selah: Lift up and exalt.
I construct descriptions and meanings
Or attach myself to rituals and history.
My weakness becomes my strength
My solitude becomes community.
This helps me get through my life
And I am comforted.
The universe is vast and incomprehensible.
I need to find joy in my lack of understanding.
I yearn for God’s goodness to pass over me,
Making the intangible, tangible.
Imagining the unimaginable.
God is a gerund: a verb and a noun.

Selah:  Stop and listen.  

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