The First Two Years: A Yizkor Kavannah

    I. The First Day   What? Wait…what? No. How?  When? Why? No. What? No. No no no.     II.  Shiva   Thank you for coming Thank you for coming Mmm, bagesl and lox, thank you so much. You know you meant a lot to us. Thank you for coming Thank you for […]

Each Loss Breaks a Pattern: A Shiva Prayer

© Trisha Arlin Baruch Atah Adonai Ruach Ha Olam Blessed One-ness, Breath of the Universe Breathing us in Breathing us out. Each loss breaks a pattern. We remember and we pray. We remember our loved one, _____________(name) Beloved _______________(relationship) Each loss breaks a pattern,And we remember them. We remember them Because they gave us to ourselves, […]

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