This Week I Needed to Connect


This week I needed to connect:

To the world
To my community
To Brooklyn
To New Jersey
To Breezy Point
To my family
To the power grid
To Facebook
To the local news
To Mayor Bloomberg
To Governor Cuomo
To Chris Christie and Barack Obama
To good-deed-doers
To my rabbi
To my cantor
To the volunteers
To those in need
To the MTA transit workers
To the  NYC police
To the NYC Fire Department
To freezing friends
To prayer
To politics
To Jon Stewart
To tragedy
To grief
To loss
To stupidity
To my solar phone charger
To randomness
To truth
To Shabbat
To my cats
To my sofa
To candy
To children dressed as ladybugs and elephants and gumball dispensers
To my block
To my landlord
To music
To anguish
To heroism
To despair
To foolishness
To hope
To God

This week I needed to connect.
And I did.
Blessed One-ness,  when we most need connection,  it is there.

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