Rosh Hodesh Heshvan: A Nice Month

I don’t care what they say
About Heshvan,
About what it signifies:
It’s the month the Moshiach is supposed to show up
It’s Rachel’s Yahrzeit, but
I really don’t care.

Though of course, Moshiach,
If the Moshiach shows up
It would of course be an event of note
And I’d be happy to be there for universal peace and plenty…

And of course, Rachel,
She was Jacob’s true love and Joseph’s mother
And, probably, a very complex and  interesting person in her own right,
And I’d be happy to light a candle to remember her by…

But really, no.
Because Heshvan is the quiet month:
No holidays
No repentence
No redemption
No dancing,

Heshvan is the Shabbat of months.
Heshvan is when we rest
From deep thoughts
And history
And joy,
Enough already!
Thank you, Heshvan.
Have a nice month, everybody.
Shabbat Shalom.

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