I Am So Blessed In My Annoying Friends

I am so blessed in my annoying friends:
Those women and men who will not let me sink,
Who text me every day,
Who insist on knowing if I’ve made those phone calls,
Written that essay,
Applied for that job,
Asked for much needed help.
I kept thinking it would get better.
This couldn’t be happening to me!
I’m smart,
I’m self-aware,
I take care of myself.
Until one day I had to admit
That I was in trouble, deep trouble.
I cried
And I cried out.
It took me so long to ask for help
I pray it isn’t too late.
And when I asked
I received.
But now that I’ve got it
I wish it would go away.
Because my annoying friends will not leave me alone
To wallow in my distress and denial,
And I do so like to wallow.
I am so smart
I am so self aware
And I have always taken care of myself
Except I can’t right now
And I am so ashamed.
I am so embarrassed,
To need help.
How can this be me?
Maybe I should just disappear.
But they will not let me go!
It is a revelation
To need help
And get it,
And at the same time
To learn to give the gift
Of receiving gifts.
I hope my annoying friends know
How much strength it requires
To admit that.

I am so blessed in the people who worry about me,


My beloved annoying friends.

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