I Don’t Get It: A Prayer Of Understanding

Blessed Fierce Mystery,
Creator, Created, Creating
I pray for understanding, because
I just don’t get it.

I don’t mean I don’t know what’s happening.
I know.
I know what atrocities theyre committing
And I know why they’re doing it
And how they’re doing it.
I understand who it serves
And who it hurts.
I understand who profits
And who suffers.
I get it, but…

I don’t understand.
What goes on in their heads?
How do they justify the cruelty?
I don’t mean I haven’t heard their logic,
I know.
And I understand the psychology of it,
The dehumanization
And the tribalism
The otherness of the victims
And the, you know, the racism.
I get it, but…

It boggles the mind,
How do you hurt children like that?
I don’t mean I’ve never heard of monsters who
Like to frighten and humiliate people who can’t defend themselves,
I mean, I understand that it happens,
And they’re not really monsters,
They are, alas, human beings.
I know they may not mean to do this,
Or know they’re doing this
Or maybe they think it serves a larger cause,
Or they feel like they don’t have a choice,
Or that they’re Only Following Orders,
Or even,
It’s My Job,
I Gotta Feed My Kids First.
I get it, I do…


I don’t get it.

Blessed Fierce Mystery,
Creator, Created, Creating,
We are not praying for your help,
Because we know what to do:
Agitate, organize, write, call, send money, vote.
But it would be nice
To understand.


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