A Healing Prayer For Disrupted Immigrant Families

What do we pray for, so that disrupted immigrant families will be healed?*
Do we pray for God’s intervention?
Do we pray that the trauma of their forced separation is miraculously cured?
Do we pray that the racism responsible for these policies just instantly vanishes?
Do we pray that easy cruelty is abruptly  transformed into empathy and kindness?
No, because this will not be simple and easy.
And it isn’t God who needs to intervene.
So this is our prayer for complete healing:

Blessed be all of us,
As we
Agitate and organize,
Shout and sing,
Write and call representatives,
Send money and sign petitions,
Attend rallies and march in the streets,
Get out the vote. 
And Vote.

And let us say,

*Written in solidarity with the July 26, 2018 Deportee Suitcase Solidarity March

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