A Mourner’s Kaddish

Layer Upon layer of attempts to describe the Indescribable.

We cannot help but be separate,

We cannot help but be part of the One.

It is our holy dialectic

In the face of the unknown

And thus our need for

A Name that will describe

A Name that will explain

A Name that will make it easy.

But how do we name the Un-nameable?

We can but try.

Bless this endeavor,

It has made us so creative.

Bless the Eternal and the Glorious,

The Holy Whole,

And let us say, Amen.

It makes us happy to think about God.

Overarching and unseen.

We have absolutely no idea what the truth is,

But we are blessed with this burden

Because we need to describe what cannot be described,

Because we need structure in the face of the vast mysteries,

Because we go on and on and on.  

And then, one day we don’t.

Blessed One-ness.

We pray, these are requests for meaning despite doubt.

May these prayers be answered,

As unlikely as that may be,

You never know.

And let us say, Amen.

And may the Un-nameable be sanctified

And the Names we have invented to name the Un-nameable be sanctified

And may The Name we invented to name the names we invented for the Un-nameable be sanctified.

Layer Upon Layer of attempts to describe the Indescribable,

Those layers allow us to touch the awesome truth

And still be safe.

May our creations flourish and survive our limitations.

Bless The Name of the Names of the Un-nameable




Layer Upon Layer

May all our prayers be understood,

And let us say, Amen

Blessed One-ness.

However we understand God on any given day,

Making peace and

Sustaining wholeness

For us, through us,

If we but have the eyes to see.

Holy Wholeness,

For each other

And all the world,

And let us say, Amen.
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